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 Server Rules / Forum rules / GM rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules / Forum rules / GM rules   Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:22 pm


Server rules!! Read them carefully!!

1. Only download updates from this site !
Otherwise you can get hacked

2. Dont use hacks or bugs, or we will delete your account

3. Dont ask gms for stuffs, they won't give you anything

4. Dont ask gms to make you gm, if we need one we will announce

5. Using names like GM or similar is not allowed.
The reward is a permanent block
6. Insulting is not allowed.
If you see anyone, make screenshot, and report him on our forum

7. Afk splashing is not allowed.
1st time: 1day block .. 2nd time: 7days block .. 3rd time: Permanent Block

8. Afk picking has the same result as afk splashing

9. Kill Stealing at bosses is forbidden.
You will get an 1 day block if you killsteal (KS) at bosses

10. If you see any bugs, inform a GM in F/L or make a post in our forum

11. If you use assassin mask,its forbidden to kill player under level 50.
Will follow a 12 hour block

12. No Spotstealing !

13. Dont use Rebirth in Castle War.Will follow a 10 hours block

14. If you got any questions or problems, just F/L a GM
GMs might not answer your questions instantly,or if you pm them because they are working on the server to make it better and provide you the quality game.

15.In conclusion, better send an F/L to GM then pm him.


1.Don't insult anyone ! Your post will be deleted , if you insult again,your account will be blocked

2.If you post a new topic,then make sure you post it in the right section !

3.Don't make double post ! Thats why there is an option to EDIT your posts

4.Some topics have special rules , you need to read them before you post in that topic


1.Helping others like giving them stuff or leveling them is forbidden

2.Making bigger events is not allowed without asking Marci

3.Don't insult any player , try to be kind and help them with their problems and answer their questions.

4.You are not obligated to answer PMs, its your decision to answer PMs or no, but if someone send you an F/L you need to answer that.

5.Only make notice for really important things ! [Events,Important news etc...]

6.In case of any kind of corruption, your GM status will be deleted.

7.If someone ks and you are sure that guy really ksed, you can kick him.But don't block ksers.
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Server Rules / Forum rules / GM rules
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